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The Community of

an inclusive catholic experience that welcomes
the feminine story, voice, and vision in its prayers, rituals and ministry

   ur Vision

a welcoming community for all people seeking a relationship with the Divine, with each other, and with all creation


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   ur Mission

to nurture a member-led, inclusive, Eucharistic community rooted in the teachings and ministry of Jesus, and the emergent energy of Spirit Sophia


"I’m in another state, in Maryland, and I attend the liturgies via Zoom. I find them inspiring, heartfelt, and thought-provoking. My experience is that of a community built on love and caring.”

Tess Veloso (she/her), Baltimore, MD



Marking the milestones of life in loving community: weekly liturgies, mindful reflections, sacramental celebrations, ongoing spiritual and theological development, ministries within and among the People of God

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